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11_23 VON supports Iowa Utilities Board proposal regarding VoIP definitions. PDF VIEW
11_22 VON opposes Vermont PSB proposal to require back-up power by VoIP providers. PDF VIEW
11_17 VON meets with FCC staff regarding real-time text rulemaking. PDF VIEW
11_03 VON files comments in support of petitions expanding school internet access to home use. PDF VIEW
10_26 VON responds to report on VoIP legislation in Idaho. PDF VIEW
09_02 VON files comments with the Telecom Regulatory Authority of India recommending light touch VoIP regulation. PDF VIEW
09_02 VON letter supports VoIP legislation in Idaho. PDF VIEW
08_29 VON files comments with FCC supporting petition seeking clarification of TCPA. PDF VIEW
08_26 VON files comments opposing expansion of FCC outage reporting requirements. PDF VIEW
08_09 VON statement at Iowa Utilities Board meeting concerning proposed VoIP rules. PDF VIEW
07_25 VON files reply comments concerning FCC proposals for real-time text. PDF VIEW
06_30 VON files comments opposing Iowa Utilities Board proposal for continuing oversight of VoIP providers. PDF VIEW
05_27 VON opposes FCC proposal to expand privacy obligations for interconnected VoIP providers. PDF VIEW
05_13 VON Coalition urges Minnesota legislature to pass legislation prohibiting state regulation of IP communications services. PDF VIEW
04_25 VON meets with FCC staff to discuss challenges in the market for non-carrier messaging services. PDF VIEW
04_14 VON members meet with FCC staff to discuss VoIP regulation among other issues. PDF VIEW
02_29 VON files comments with Iowa Utilities Board concerning proposed changes to service rules. PDF VIEW
02_04 VON opposes petition that would expand contribution base for TRS fund to include intrastate revenues. PDF VIEW