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12_15 VON Coalition charges more than a dozen trading partners with creating market barriers and prohibitions that are stifling Internet based communication technologies like VoIP and calls upon US Trade Negotiators to help open markets No description. PDF VIEW
12_15 VON Coalition tells Kansas regulators that state regulation of VoIP is contrary to FCC jurisdiction decision VON suggests that the Kansas Commission should refrain from attempting to regulate VoIP services by imposing KUSF obligations on them until the resolution of pending court proceedings addressing issues of federal preemption of state VoIP regulation. PDF VIEW
12_07 VON Coalition files comments on Phantom Traffic The coalition urges the FCC to avoid costly and burdensome “solutions” to the so-called phantom traffic issues raised by the Missoula Plan supporters and, instead, directly move to adopt comprehensive compensation reform. PDF VIEW
09_10 VON Coalition submits reply comments on Universal Service The coalition urges the Commission to take prompt action to adopt comprehensive numbers-based universal service reform. In addition, the Commission should issue an order clarifying several key issues arising from its proposed revenue-based contribution methodology for interconnected VoIP, including: (1) the continued vitality of the Commission’s federal preemption of state regulation of VoIP services; (2) the elimination of the traffic survey preapproval requirement for interconnected VoIP providers; (3) the reduction of the safe harbor percentage to a level consistent with competitor’s bundled local/long distance services provided over other platforms such as wireline or cable; and (4) the exclusion of non-interconnected VoIP services from the USF contribution base, even if such non-interconnected services are bundled with interconnected services. PDF VIEW
08_09 VON Coalition files comments in FCC's rulemaking in Universal Service changes In this submission, the VON Coalition responds to the Notice of Proposed Rulemaking and outlines steps to enable broadband voice innovation to dramatically improve broadband adoption rates, and bring competition to rural communications. PDF VIEW
06_14 Interconnected VoIP Universal Service Contribution In a filing with the FCC, the VON Coalition expresses its long-standing support for comprehensive universal service contribution reform adopting a mechanism based on either working telephone numbers or connections. The Coalition expresses its concern that any interim measures that continue to rely on an assessment of revenues will not make up for the loss to the fund caused by the expiration of DSL contributions, could delay comprehensive reform by requiring two fundamental shifts in tracking and billing practices for VoIP providers, and importantly, will harm the very consumers it seeks to benefit by increasing the cost of affordable alternatives to traditional phone service. It is critical, therefore, that to ensure that every American can benefit from broadband communications choices, the Commission avoid ineffective interim measures and instead, quickly move to modernize our universal service system and establish a numbers or connections-based contribution approach that will be equitable, understandable, easy to administer and will ensure the sustainability of the fund. PDF VIEW
04_28 The VON Coalition asks FCC to implement steps improving communications and enabling victims to more easily reach families members after a major disaster These comments support the pulver/Evslin Petition to mitigate the effect of telephone outages in the event of natural disaster or other public crises. The VON Coalition believes there is an important role for IP technology in transforming and advancing emergency and post-disaster communications. PDF VIEW
04_07 VON asks for FCC Clarification that VoIP traffic can be exchanged VON Coalition comments in support of the petition for declaratory ruling submitted by Time Warner Cable. The petition asks the FCC to affirm that competitive local exchange carriers (“CLECs”) are entitled to interconnect with incumbent local exchange carriers (“ILECs”) for the purpose of exchanging traffic on behalf of Voice over Internet Protocol (VoIP)-based service providers. PDF VIEW
04_05 VON Coalition Press statement Praising House Leaders For Helping Advance VoIP 9-1-1 Solutions Statement is in response to a House subcommittee adopted measure to accelerate workable VoIP E911 solutions and the transition to an IP enabled emergency network. PDF VIEW
03_27 VON Leter re: ICC Access Charge VON Coalition files comments with FCC urging the Commission to complete its omnibus intercarrier compensation reform proceeding, rather than taking a piecemeal approach to resolving ntercarrier compensation reform. Such an approach avoids imposing costly but temporary “band-aid” requirements on ESPs, protects VoIP consumers from arbitrary price increases, and ensures that new investment in IP-enabled networks, applications, and services is not unnecessarily deterred. PDF VIEW
02_28 Voice on the Net Coalition Announces New Leadership No description. PDF VIEW
02_09 VON Coalition releases consumer tips for protecting the privacy of their billing records No description. PDF VIEW
01_19 VoIP leaders ask President to unleash the future The VoIP industry sent the President a letter outlining six key steps the President can take to unleash the full promise and potential of Internet voice communications. In order to help meet the President’s goal of making affordable broadband access available to all Americans by 2007, the VON Coalition believes that the Administration should help remove barriers to innovation that could stifle VoIP-driven broadband investment. With the right policy framework, VoIP can play a critical role in boosting broadband demand by making talking more affordable, businesses more productive, communications more accessible, broadband more valuable, and Americans more safe and secure. PDF VIEW
01_09 Comments Opposing Frontier Petition The VON Coalition files comments opposing the Petition for Declaratory Ruling filed by Frontier Telephone of Rochester. PDF VIEW