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12_30 CALEA Joint Comments Joint Comments in support of the petition for reconsideration and clarification Of the CALEA applicability order. PDF VIEW
12_01 VON Coalition files in support of limited but exclusive federal jurisdiction for VoIP The VON Coalition joined with the High Tech Broadband Coalition and in support of the FCC's landmark Vonage decision. PDF VIEW
11_07 VoIP Leaders Announce Significant Progress on E9-1-1 VON Coalition released 2nd annual survey results of industry progress on 911. PDF VIEW
11_03 VON Coalition launches Internet Voice Campaign A group of the country’s leading Internet voice providers announced a new initiative to raise awareness and help educate consumers about the benefits of voice services delivered over the Internet. The initiative, known as the Internet Voice Campaign, is part of The VON Coalition (, and its mission is to increase adoption and usage of voice over IP (VoIP). PDF VIEW
11_02 VON Coalition Press statement Praising Senate Leaders For Helping Advance VoIP 9-1-1 Solutions Statement is in response to Senate legislation that requires the FCC to revise their 911 rules, provide waivers, and transition to an IP enabled emergency network. PDF VIEW
09_27 VON Coalition Replies to VON/NENA petition VON Coalition filing responding to the NASUCA opposition to the Petition for Clarification filed by the VON Coalition/NENA concerning the FCC VoIP 9-1-1 order. PDF VIEW
09_12 VoIP Proves Crucial in Katrina Emergency Response Exhibit A in VON E911 NPRM Reply Comments. PDF VIEW
09_12 VON Coalition asks FCC to help speed more advanced IP based emergency solutions in reply comments in FCC's E9-1-1 NPRM. PDF VIEW
09_12 A Summary of the Unique Role VoIP Has Played In Responding To The Emergency No description. PDF VIEW
09_09 New Orleans City Leaders Relied Upon VoIP Almost Entirely – Providing Critical Link In Organizing Response and Communicating With President Bush This Wall Street JOurnal article describes how New Orleans city leaders relied virtually entirely on VoIP services for five days after the failure of basic landline phone service, and mobile and satellite phones, which eventually lost battery power and could not be recharged. Mayor Ray Nagin and his inner circle, holed up in the Hyatt Regency Hotel a few blocks from City Hall, couldn't communicate with the outside world until a staff person remembered he had recently signed up for a VoIP service. He and other staff set out in a military Humvee to find an Office Depot, where they requisitioned VoIP phones. They got 8 VoIP lines up and running from the mayor's emergency headquarters. When President Bush called Mayor Nagin on August 31 from Air Force One, they spoke on teh VoIP line. The city was making use of the capability of VoIP phones to be used anywhere with a high-speed Internet connection. PDF VIEW
09_09 VoIP To The Rescue An eWeek story describing how the American Red Cross uses VOIP for its Katrina disaster response. PDF VIEW
08_26 Congressional Leaders Ask FCC not to put consumers in harms way No description. PDF VIEW
08_25 VON Coalition asks FCC not to put consumers in harms way by requiring service to be shut off No description. PDF VIEW
08_15 Before immediately expanding new E9-1-1 obligations, VON Coalition asks FCC to help speed more advanced IP based emergency services VON Coalition filing in FCC's E9-1-1 NPRM. PDF VIEW
08_05 VoIP Leaders Hail Recognition of Consumer Internet Freedoms Say Internet Freedoms are Essential to Unlocking VoIP’s Full Promise and Potential. PDF VIEW
08_05 VON Statement on FCC Decision to Apply CALEA to Interconnected VoIP Services VoIP Leaders Looking Forward to Working With FCC on Law Enforcement Issues. Group Warns That Extending Wiretaps Laws Beyond Congressional Intent Could Stall Technology Benefits. PDF VIEW
07_29 Petition for Clarification on VoIP E9-1-1 The National Emergency Number Association (NENA) and The Voice on the Net Coalition joint petition to the FCC for clarification of the rules adopted in the FCC's VoIP E9-1-1 order to accelerate deployment of E9-1-1 services. PDF VIEW
06_20 Whitepaper: Unleashing the Full Promise and Potential of VoIP Vast benefits: lower prices, better jobs, and improved ways to communicate. PDF VIEW
05_18 VON Coalition Press Statemen VON Coalition Praises Hill Leaders for Helping Unlock 9-1-1 Solutions for VoIP. PDF VIEW
05_16 Reply Comments of the Voice on the Net (VON) Coalition before the FCC in the Matter of Prepaid Calling Card Services (WC Docket#05-68). PDF VIEW
04_11 VON Coalition Press Statement VoIP Leaders Ask Congress to Hang-Up on Idea of Applying 1898 War Tax to Internet Communication. Supported efforts by Senator Allen to prevent the Federal Excise Tax from being expanded to the Internet. PDF VIEW
04_04 VON Coalition Letter Letter to Arkansas Legislators opposing efforts to expand the definition of telecommunications service to include Internet voice service in order to apply telecommunications taxes. PDF VIEW
03_31 VON Coalition Press Release T-Mobile USA joins the VON Coalition. PDF VIEW
03_21 VON Coalition Press Release Level 3 Communications withdraws its forbearance petition. PDF VIEW
03_16 VON Coalition Press Release VoIP Leaders Praise Elevation of Kevin Martin as FCC Chairman. PDF VIEW
03_04 VON Coalition Letter to FCC Chairman Michael K Powell encouraging the Commission to adopt the Level 3 Petition. PDF VIEW
03_03 VON Coalition statement on VoIP port blocking No description. PDF VIEW
02_18 VON Coalition Letter to Federal Communications Commission encouraging the Commission to grant the Level 3 Petition (Docket Nos. 04-36 and 03-266). PDF VIEW
02_10 VON Coalition Statement on Access Charge Reform No description. PDF VIEW
02_08 VON Coalition letter to Senator Daniel Inouye regarding petition for forbearance filed by Level 3 Communications with the FCC (WC Docket No. 3-266). PDF VIEW
02_08 ON Coalition letter to Senator Ted Stevens regarding petition for forbearance filed by Level 3 Communications with the FCC (WC Docket No 03-266). PDF VIEW
02_08 VON Coalition Press Release on Inouye Stevens Letter No VoIP Leaders Urge Senators To Support Continuation of Pro-Innovations Policies: Ask Senators to Oppose Rate-Raising, Growth-Sapping, Innovation-Reducing Policy Change. PDF VIEW
01_12 911 VON Coalition White Paper No description. PDF VIEW
01_10 VON Coalition Goals for VoIP letter to President George W. Bush No description. PDF VIEW