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12_21 VoIP Leaders Call on Trading Partners to Stop Blocking Consumer Access to VoIP The VON Coalition filed papers with the Office of the United States Trade Representative (USTR) highlighting key countries who have created market barriers and prohibitions that are stifling Internet based communication technologies like VoIP. The VON Coalition asks U.S. Trade negotiators to help open markets to new technologies. PDF VIEW
12_17 The VON Coalition spawns the VON Coalition Europe Launches a new coalition to advance policies that enable consumers and businesses throughout Europe to enjoy the full promise and potential of Internet communications. Founding members include leaders iBasis, Intel, Google, Microsoft, Rebtel, Skype, and Voxbone. PDF VIEW
12_17 The VON Coalition sends a letter to FCC Chair Kevin Martin regarding the foreign storage of data No description. PDF VIEW
12_03 VON Files Comments with FCC regarding Disability Extension In general, the VON Coalition does not seek a further extension of time to meet the 711 dialing obligations beyond the 6-month extension already granted by the Commission. However, we highlight two key issues that, despite herculean efforts to date, are technically insurmountable because they involve capabilities that are outside the control of Interconnected VoIP providers. They involve 1) TRS emergency dialing capabilities for calls that originate with a non-native telephone number, and 2) TTY capability when the user chooses a broadband connection with high latency or jitter. PDF VIEW
10_26 VON Coalition tells FCC not to regulate e-mail Responding to a petition suggesting the FCC use its telephone authority to apply e-mail forwarding requirements, the VON Coalition suggests that the Commission’s regulation of e-mail 1) would represent an unprecedented leap into regulation of applications and web services; 2) exceeds the Commission’s statutory authority; 3) could perversely stifle innovation and investment, reduce consumer choice, increase cost to service providers and increase prices to consumers; 4) would come at the expense of a provider’s ability to protect the privacy and security of its users; 5) would create vast unintended and harmful consequences; and 6) would not have actually remedied the petitioner’s specific case. PDF VIEW
10_26 VON Coalition responds to NECA letter and asks FCC to contiunue its pro-growth, pro-consumer, pro-innovation policies that have kept the broken access charge regimne from applying to VoIP, while the FCC complete comprehensive intercarrier compensation reform NECA had urged the Commission to apply access charges to innovative VoIP services. PDF VIEW
10_10 VON asks Congress to advance solutions for better 911 The VON Coalition sent Congressman Markey and Upton a letter supporting H.R. 3403, the 911 Modernization and Public Safety Act, and urging speedy passage. The subcommittee responded later in the day by advancing the bill. PDF VIEW
09_20 VON files comments regarding Ofcom's proposals regarding access to emergency services for VoIP users The VON Coalition agrees with the importance of ensuring the ability of consumers to make 999/112 calls in the UK using PATS and PATS-substitute VoIP services. However, the Coalition expresses its concerns with Ofcom’s proposal to mandate 999 access for so-called ‘type 2’ or ‘VoIP Out’ services, a vast class of communication services which are not substitutes for traditional PSTN-based services and create no expectation for 999 availability. PDF VIEW
09_19 VON asks Congress for help in accelerating 911 solutions for VoIP In House testimony, the VON Coalition testified in support of testify on H.R. 3403, the 911 Modernization and Public Safety Act of 2007. The legislation would help further accelerate VoIP 911 solutions by providing direct access to the 9-1-1 network, enabling equivalent liability relief for call-takers, maintaining a bright-line on covered services, and requiring a national plan for a next generation 9-1-1 system. It represents an important recognition that fostering complete and comprehensive solutions for the delivery of 9-1-1 calls by VoIP providers is important for consumers and industry alike. Given the urgency of the issue, the VON Coalition asked Congress to act quickly to ensure workable 911 and E911 solutions for VoIP. PDF VIEW
09_18 VON Coalition urges FCC not to undermine VoIP E911 progress by requiring less accurate location information The Coalition supports the FCC’s goal of continuing to improve emergency service and ensuring that first responders receive the critical information they need. Coalition cites nearly unanimous view among commenters that the Commission should not mandate autolocation for interconnected VoIP services because such a mandate may jeopardize existing progress and imperil public safety. PDF VIEW
09_14 VON cites vast progress in meeting disability obligations, but asks FCC for more time to ensure solutions works well No description. PDF VIEW
08_31 VON urges FCC to ensure broadband competition fluorishes VoIP providers and consumers that use VoIP services benefit from the greatest possible degree of competition and the greatest number of broadband providers in any given market, because that level of competition provides a basis and platform for VoIP competition. The VON Coalition urges the Commission to refrain from considering over-the-top VoIP competition as a sufficient present or future basis for forbearance. PDF VIEW
08_20 VON Coalition tells FCC that imposing a new autolocation and accuracy mandate on Interconnected VoIP services would create a technically infeasible requirement and harm public safety No description. PDF VIEW
08_07 VON Coalition tells FCC that the premature adoption of additional CPNI requirements is neither necessary nor justified The VON Coalition files reply comments in the FCC's CPNI proceeding arguing that in light of the recently adopted privacy safeguards which have yet to take effect, the Commission should now refrain from imposing additional and possibly unnecessary and costly new CPNI rules. PDF VIEW
07_25 VON Coalition says recent FCC decision demonstrates need for the FCC to change course in its proposal to impose regulatory fees on VoIP providers VON Coalition sends letter to FCC outlining why the recent COMSAT Refund Order demonstrates the need for the Commission to ensure that the annual regulatory fees imposed on services newly added to the Fee Schedule comply with Section 9’s requirements. PDF VIEW
07_25 VON Coalition joins with others suggesting FCC reject DOJ CALEA petition The VON Coalition with the Center for Democracy and Technology, the American Library Association, the Electronic Frontier Foundation, the Media Access Project and others arguing that the Department of Justice’s petition goes beyond what is allowed by the law, and imposes on Internet access providers obligations that exceed what is obtainable in the PSTN context. PDF VIEW
07_05 VON Coalition suggest that application of CMRS location accuracy testing on PSAP-level basis is putting cart before the horse The VON Coalition files with the FCC suggesting that it is premature to adopt the tentative conclusions contained in the NPRM that interconnected VoIP services should have to meet CMRS E9-1-1standards and that location accuracy testing should be required on a PSAP-level basis. The Commission is putting the cart before the horse. PDF VIEW
06_28 VON Coalition tells FCC that additional foreign reporting requirements are unnecessary and immaterial In a filing with the FCC, the VON Coalitions explains that extending foreign traffic reporting requirements to Interconnected VoIP providers likely would impose costly administrative burdens, run counter to previous Commission findings, and create immaterial and potentially redundant data, without providing any corresponding benefit to consumers, the Commission or industry. PDF VIEW
06_15 No need for California specific service quality rules The VON Coalition files with the California Public Utilities Commission (CPUC) arguing that it is premature and inappropriate for the CPUC to implement service quality standards on VoIP providers at this time. PDF VIEW
05_24 VON filing regarding new opportunities for disability access to communications VON Coalition highlights industry leadership and successes in addressing disability access issues which have led to breakthrough new advantages for people with disabilities. Coalition beleives Commission’s current market-based approach to disability access for VoIP is working -- allowing people with disabilities communicate in new and improved ways. PDF VIEW
05_18 VON Coalition rebuts band-aid rate-raising, innovation reducing Phantom Traffic proposal The Coalition urges the Commission to complete its omnibus intercarrier compensation reform proceeding. Such an approach avoids imposing costly but temporary “band-aid” requirements on VoIP providers, protects VoIP consumers from arbitrary price increases, and ensures that new investment in IP-enabled networks, applications, and services is not unnecessarily deterred. PDF VIEW
05_11 VON Coalition reply comments regarding assessment of Regulatory Fees In addition to the legal infirmities already presented, these reply comments detail how the Commission's proposal would run counter to the recently enacted Call Home Act as well. However, if the Commission moves forward with its proposal, it should do so only on an in-use NANP numbers- or connections-based basis. PDF VIEW
05_03 VON Coalition files Comments Regarding Assessment and Collection of Regulatory Fees for Fiscal Year 2007 The Coalition argues that impositiuon of regulatory fees is inconsistent with Section 9 and the Administrative Procedure Act. PDF VIEW
04_30 VON Letter to Vermont Legislators opposing HB-268 HB 268 would extend Vermont’s intrastate telecommunication rules to Internet communications – in violation of federal rules. PDF VIEW
04_30 VON Coalition comments regarding Skype Petition to confirm a consumer's right to use Internet software and attach devices to wireless networks The VON Coalition tells the FCC it believes that the Commission’s broadband principles, including the right of consumers to attach nonharmful devices to the network and run applications of their choice on the network, should be found to apply to wireless broadband networks. To the extent that this is in doubt, the Commission should make it clear, as requested by Skype. PDF VIEW
04_12 VON letter to Oregon legislators seeking delay regarding VoIP provisions related to SB969 and HB 2621 Language included in SB 969 and amendments being considered to HB 2621 would be in direct contradiction to the recently upheld Vonage decision asserting exclusive federal jurisdiction over VoIP services. PDF VIEW
04_12 VON Coalition to Georgia legislators seeking changes to HB 394 While supporting the bill's laudible goals, as written the bill would both slow critical broadband enabled benefits from reaching Georgia consumers and stifle Internet innovation. PDF VIEW
04_11 VON Letter to Montana legislators opposing HB611 HB 611, if enacted, would be in direct violation of the recently affirmned Vonage exclusive federal jurisdiction decision by extending state telecommunication mandates to VoIP. PDF VIEW
03_23 VON Calls on California legislators to promote both public safety and innovation The VON Coalition wrote to Senators regarding ways to further improve SB 1024 in order to both promote public safety and protect innovation. PDF VIEW
03_12 VON Coalition Announces New Leadership Innadition to electing new borad members, the VON Coalition announces that it has elected Jonathan Askin of as its Chair of the Board, re-elected Staci Pies of PointOne as its President, Angela Simpson of Covad as Vice President and Caitlin Clark-Zigmond of New Global Telecom as Treasurer. The Coalition also elected Jamie Hedlund of Yahoo as Vice President of Legislative Affairs; Christopher Libertelli of Skype as Vice President of State Affairs, and Kevin Minsky of Microsoft as Vice President of International Affairs. PDF VIEW
03_01 VoIP Leaders Praise FCC for Answering the Call for Voice Competition by granting Time Warner petition On April 10, 2006, the VON Coalition asked the FCC to grant a Time Warner petition to clarify that voice traffic can be exchanged between broadband and telephone networks – a key requirement for enabling VoIP consumers to talk with their analog counterparts and visa versa. The VON Coalition applauds the FCC's decision to grant the petition. PDF VIEW
02_28 VON Coalition testimony on HR 251 - the Truth in Caller-ID act No description. PDF VIEW
02_08 VON letter to Nebraska Senators in opposition to LB661 and LB 660 The legislation could prevent Nebraska consumers from taking full advantage of exciting and innovative VoIP services by extending state telecom relay, and state universal service regulatory mandates and fees to VoIP communications in violation of federal rules. PDF VIEW
02_08 VON letter to Missouri Senators in support of key provision in SB 284 which would help consumers harness the full power and potential of Internet based communication The legislation codifies FCC policy by prohibiting the Missouri Public Service Commission from regulating or otherwise exercising jurisdiction over the provision of VoIP service. The legislation also promotes public safety by ensuring that VoIP providers and 911 call-takers have equivalent liability immunity as other telecommunications providers for all 911 calls. PDF VIEW
02_01 VON letter to Kansas Senators on state regulation of VoIP VON Coalition writes to Kansas Senators in opposition to SB 49, which would extend Kansas Universal Service Fund (KUSF) rules to Internet communications – in violation of federal rules. PDF VIEW
01_31 VON Coalition files comments with the FCC regarding efforts to protect consumer privacy The VON Coalition expressed its support for the FCC's goal of preventing pretexting and protecting confidential customer data against unauthorized release. VON Coalition members have long emphasized the importance of protecting confidential customer data – and already comply with state and federal privacy obligations applicable to providers of on-line data services and to which telecommunications carriers are often exempted. However, the coalition expressed concern about proposals to stretch the clear statutory language of Section 222 of the Communications Act of 1934 to apply potentially conflicting obligations on interconnected VoIP providers. Imposition of such requirements, especially without an adequate transition period, could thwart the tremendous consumer benefits VoIP brings to Internet and broadband communications. PDF VIEW
01_30 VON Coalition Praises Senate Leaders For Helping Unlock 9-1-1 Solutions for VoIP The VON Coalition released a statement praising Senators Nelson, Snowe and Clinton for introducing the "IP–Enabled Voice Communications and Public Safety Act of 2007.” The legislation would help accelerate VoIP 911 solutions by providing direct access to the 9-1-1 network, enabling equivalent liability relief for call-takers, and requiring a national plan for a next generation 9-1-1 system. PDF VIEW
01_10 VON Coalition cites progress on VoIP E911 Now Interconnected VoIP providers provide E911 to well over 97% of their subscribers – eclipsing the progress made by other forms of voice communications. PDF VIEW