VoIP Is Spurring New Voice Competition

VoIP Is Enabling Competition in New Kinds of Voice Services

AS A RESULT OF TECHNOLOGICAL ADVANCES IN IP COMMUNICATIONS, VoIP providers are charging into the Internet voice market at unprecedented rates. In fact, almost every major telecommunications provider now has plans to introduce IP-based voice service to take advantage of the technology’s lower costs, its capacity to deliver new and ability to compete in the local phone market.

This may be just the beginning. VoIP is enabling a host of new non-traditional competitors to enter the voice market. Software, hardware and networking companies are now able to program new voice applications and become global voice providers with the reach of the Internet.

New Consumer Choices: For consumers, the benefits of this independence are profound. With a broadband connection, consumers will be able to choose directly the type of services and the specific provider they want.

Enabling voice competition over any network: VoIP gives competitors alternative routes to the subscriber — phones are no longer tied to copper lines. VoIP services can be reached over Cable, Fixed wireless, 3G wireless, Wi-Fi, Wi-Max, and even satellite broadband networks in the most remote locations.

Competition lowers prices for everyone. To respond to growing VoIP competition, incumbent carriers have been strategically dropping the price of traditional phone service.

VoIP competition will save consumers billions of dollars. Consumers can save billions of dollars if there is robust VoIP competition.