Consumers Seeing Dramatic Benefits From VoIP

Lower Prices, New Services, and Improved Ways to Communicate

VoIP “promises to be even more disruptive, and of even greater benefit to consumers, than personal computers.”
Economist Magazine

“Internet telephony is one of the most dynamic and exciting sectors of the tech industry today. Consumers and businesses are flocking to Net phones to slash their bills and take advantage of new services not available on traditional telephones.”
San Jose Mercury News Editorial

“VOIP gives customers a sense of WOW. WOW hasn’t been used to describe telecom since the 1950’s advent of the furry pink Princess PHONE. But the inherent flexibility of the Internet protocol may at last make that word appropriate.”
Business Week

A Whole New Frontier For Consumers

Internet voice services are not just a new type of telephone service, they represent a whole new frontier in communications for consumers with the potential to transform the way we connect with family, friends and colleagues. We are on the verge of a vast new breakthrough in the way people communicate. Internet voice innovations can make talking more affordable, businesses more productive, jobs more plentiful, the Internet more valuable, and Americans more safe and secure.

VoIP competition could save consumers $100 billion. A report from MiCRA shows that consumers could save more than $100 billion if there is robust VoIP competition.

Families gaining breakthrough advances in communications:

  • Consumers are saving 40% to 60% on their phone bills, AND gaining new flexibility and features not possible in yesterday’s telephone network.
  • Approximately 2 of 3 believe VoIP will forever change how we communicate.
  • VoIP phone service now sounds better and connects faster than the standard public-switched phone network (PSTN).
  • Nearly 90 percent of VoIP households claim the same or better voice quality and service reliability than traditional landline service.

Consumer are benefiting from features not previously possible. For consumers, the benefits of this independence are profound. With a broadband connection, consumers will be able to choose directly the type of services and the specific provider they want to deliver it independent of the incumbent broadband provider, and regardless of the type of services the incumbent has to offer. People are adopting VoIP not just because it offer enormous consumer savings, but because it also provides breakthrough advances in the way people communicate such as the ability to:

  • Use a VoIP phone from any broadband network connection
  • Access voicemail from your e-mail
  • Conference large groups of people together
  • Select which area code your telephone will use
  • Spend more time with family by taking work phone home
  • Telecommute by taking a work phone home – helping families beat high gas prices
  • Reachable over any device – find me follow me
  • Integrate voice with any number of voice, text, and video applications
  • Use downloadable software to communicate with family and friends around the world
  • Monitor children with free videophone software while parents are at work
  • Learn foreign languages or even piano with the help of remote teachers using VoIP software
  • Use the same conference tools on Main street as they use on Wall street

VoIP means rich new possibilities for innovators, businesses and consumers alike. Never before can consumers pay so much less, and get so much more.