VoIP Means Business — Transforming Business Communication

Lowering Costs, Boosting Productivity, Increasing Mobility, and Enhancing Competitiveness

CORPORATE AMERICA IS DISCOVERING VOIP'S PROMISE. VoIP providers with the ability to cut corporate phone bills in half are finding a receptive audience among corporate financial officers. VoIP has become a vital business solution because it allows for voice, video and data convergence and cuts costs by reducing call charges, while also allowing for more integrated communication, collaboration, and enhanced communications management.

Key business benefits include:

  • VoIP provides businesses with a greater choice of communication applications for mobile workers regardless of their location, access technology or communication device, enabling them to collaborate and respond rapidly to customers and colleagues.
  • It means that all businesses — small, medium and large - are tapping into VoIP to help decrease costs and increase performance.
  • VoIP is precisely the kind of technology that can drive the next generation of workplace productivity improvements. Avaya estimates businesses can achieve an estimated 15% increase in personal productivity through smarter communication.
  • What’s more, nearly 75 percent of companies that embrace VoIP are extremely satisfied with it, according to Gartner analysts.

Organizations that have deployed IP communications report the following:

  • Faster moves, adds, and changes — respondents report an average saving of 1.5 hours per move.
  • Easier-to-use features on IP phones — average saving of 5.5 hours per week for each IT employee involved in phone support.
  • Less “telephone tag” among employees — average saving of 3.9 hours per week (or 25 days a year) per employee.
  • Improved remote worker productivity — average benefit of 4.3 hours per week (or 28 days a year) for each remote worker.